Aristocrat Hotel Vinnitsa

Feeling comfortable outside the home is easy and very simple:
it is enough to trust the staff of the hotel “Aristocrat”

Are you looking for a good hotel in Vinnitsa? The elegant hotel Vinnitsa “Aristocrat” is located very close to the city center, not far from the Southern Bug River and the Mikhail Kotsiubinsky Museum, where you can learn a lot of interesting things. Guests of the city will be able to stay in comfortable, spacious rooms with free Wi-Fi access, so they can work and relax.

      In addition, the rooms of our hotel have a modern TV, mini-bar and a desk for comfortable work. Of course, for a comfortable stay in each room there are hygienic and cosmetic accessories and slippers. By default, bathrobes are provided for the Superior Standard, Junior Suite and Suite categories. In the “Standard” and “Twin” categories, they are issued upon request.

In all rooms of our hotel Vinnitsa Aristocrat, except for the “Standard” category, breakfast is included. Standard rooms can be booked with or without breakfast. We deliberately abandoned the “Swedish line”, dishes prepared “from the knife”, hot scrambled eggs and fresh products are our priority. According to our guests, the Aristocrat Hotel is one of the top three hotels in Vinnitsa in terms of breakfast category.

      You can have a good time in a cozy restaurant for 100 seats, which is part of the complex. It has a great atmosphere and nice staff. Guests will be offered a menu with gourmet snacks and simple and delicious dishes. It is also possible to order dishes from the grill and wine from the wine list.. In the hotel Aristocrat Vinnitsa it is possible to use the Room service. 

Rooms & Restaurant


from 1250 ₴/night

Standard Twin

from 1,250 ₴/night

Standard improved

from 1,500 ₴/night


from 1,100 ₴/night

Standard Twin

from 1,100 ₴/night

Standard improved

from 1,450 ₴/night


from 2,000 ₴/night


from 2,600 ₴/night




from 2,100 ₴/night


from 2,700 ₴/night




from 7.30 to 10.30
free coffee for breakfast

conference hall

Renting a conference hall in Vinnitsa is a profitable solution,
which will help you find answers to questions
concern a certain group of people

Our advantages

  • downtown
  • Free parking
  • Hearty and tasty breakfasts
  • Mini bar in every room
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant
  • Cozy environment
  • Delicious cuisine
  • Live music
  • Organization of corporate events
  • Service above cost
  • Banqueting hall
  • Organization of a corporate party
  • Organization of a buffet table
  • Organization of coffee breaks
  • Weddings
  • Celebrating a birthday
  • Hotel in Vinnitsa "Aristocrat"

    Decided to visit a beautiful Ukrainian city, but do not know where to stay for accommodation or overnight? Then you have come to the right place – our hotel in Vinnitsa “Aristocrat” is one of the best places in the city for tourists and guests. Neat furnished rooms with natural wood products are kept in perfect cleanliness and order, orthopedic mattresses will make your rest complete, comfortable bathrooms with constant hot water will allow you to take a shower at any time of the day, and modern equipment will help you not to worry about leisure activities.

    All rooms of the hotel (Vinnitsa) are equipped with a mini-bar, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay: soft drinks, alcohol, snacks, etc. for an additional fee. This will allow you not to leave the cozy room and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

    Hotel (Vinnitsa)

    Vinnitsa is a beautiful city with many attractions, developed infrastructure and everything you need for a comfortable stay or business pastime. The task of our hotel is to do everything to make guests feel as comfortable and cozy as possible, as if they did not leave their home. That is why we select high-quality aesthetic furniture, provide high-quality service and provide a number of various additional services. Our hotel Aristocrat (Vinnitsa) is rightfully considered one of the best in Vinnitsa, which is confirmed by the reputation of the hotel and the reviews of grateful guests.

    The best hotels in Vinnitsa – what are they?

    If you ask an oncoming tourist how he sees an ideal hotel, he will name a number of criteria by which he determines a worthy place to stay from a hostel or a communal apartment, where you sometimes have to spend the night if there is no good hotel nearby. Our hotel in Vinnitsa meets all the necessary criteria:

    1. Location. Hotel Aristocrat is located in the heart of the city of Vinnitsa, on I. Bevza Street, in the immediate vicinity of the Mikhail Kotsiubinsky Museum. Nearby are supermarkets, shops, clinics, hospitals, bank branches, markets, city attractions, bus stops and other infrastructure. Only 1 km to the central square or a few steps to the road junction make it much easier for a person to find himself in an unfamiliar city.  Nearby is the famous fountain Roshen, as well as the railway and central Vinnitsa bus station.
    2. Rooms. This is the second thing that visitors usually pay attention to. You can find hotels in Vinnitsa that offer cheap rooms, but in this case, as a rule, they are far from the center or do not reach the level of prestigious hotels. In the “Aristocrat” affordable prices for guest rooms, the rooms are harmoniously furnished. Clients with different financial status will be able to choose the option to their liking – the categories “Standard”, “Superior”, “Lux” or “Deluxe”. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, mini-bars, TVs, electric kettles, safes for storing valuables and papers, and other necessary equipment for a comfortable stay. The maximum number of people in one room is four (two people will be accommodated in the Standard, three in the Standard Superior, four in the Deluxe or Suite). Double rooms are in the highest demand.
    3. Interior. When choosing a hotel in Vinnitsa, visitors pay special attention not only to the equipment of the rooms, but also to the interior design. The Aristocrat establishment is furnished in a seasoned European style – stylish, fashionable, modern. Both Ukrainians and guests from other countries will feel comfortable here. The aesthetic design of the hotel attracts tourists, gives a sense of luxury and homeliness, which is so appreciated by travelers.
    4. Service. High service is one of the missions of our hotel. Experienced employees, polite administrators who speak foreign languages ​​are always ready for dialogue with the guests: they will tell you where the most popular sights of the city are located, where it is better to buy souvenirs or how to get to the desired point.

    Hotel in Vinnitsa “Aristocrat” is a combination of luxury and coziness, comfort and ease. Visitors with different levels of financial wealth can stay here, and all of them will be satisfied with the rooms and service. Most room rates include breakfast.

    Vinnytsia hotels: prices

    Not the last question that concerns future guests is the cost of living in a hotel. You should not look at hotels in Vinnitsa, the prices of which are too economical for a city of this level – they are either located very far from the center, or the service or the furnishings in the rooms are very lame there. Our hotel provides an affordable cost of living, while maintaining a high level of service. Accommodation in rooms will cost customers the following amount:

    1. Standard rooms. The cost of this option varies between 1250-1400 UAH per day. The rooms are equipped with a mini-bar, two twin or one king-size bed with orthopedic mattress, air conditioning and satellite TV. The room must be cleaned daily. If you are interested in a good hotel in Vinnitsa, you can safely stay in the Standard class, since it meets the requirements of the Junior Suite class in other hotels. And the price is cheaper.
    2. “Standard improved”. Triple rooms, furnished, in addition to the main double bed, also a sofa bed. There is also a TV, refrigerator, mini-bar, air conditioning, a safe with a secure lock and an electric kettle. The cost of living is from 1500 UAH per day.
    3. Deluxe. Luxurious two-room suites consist of a bedroom and a living room with a double sofa bed, where you can relax and watch TV. The cost of living is from 2100 UAH per day.
    4. “Lux”. The most expensive and luxurious option that is able to satisfy the requirements of even picky customers. Two-room spacious rooms are equipped with safes, necessary appliances, luxurious furniture and a bathroom with jacuzzi tub.. Everyone will be comfortable here. The cost of living is 2700 UAH per day.

    Many clients, when choosing a place for temporary residence, pay attention not only to the infrastructure and location of the hotel, but also to the presence of objects of aesthetic value nearby. Therefore, Vinnitsa hotels near the fountain are especially popular with tourists. Guests of the hotel “Aristocrat” will be able to admire the beautiful fountain at any convenient time.

    Benefits of our hotel

    “Aristocrat” is a hotel for people who want to relax in comfort. Here you can stay at any time, relax in comfortable rooms, take a walk along the embankment, which is located 300 meters from the hotel. The main advantages of the hotel are:

    1. Affordable prices.
    2. High service.
    3. Cozy rooms.

    “Aristocrat” is included in the list of upscale hotels in Vinnitsa near the fountain, so vacationers can enjoy the contemplation of water beauties – just walk a couple of minutes and you will be on the embankment, looking at the most beautiful Vinnitsa fountain. Comfortable rooms, furnished in European style, can accommodate from one to four people, it is possible to buy a full floor for a large company.

    There are not so many hotels in Vinnitsa whose prices are most acceptable to visitors: prestigious hotels try to set inflated prices, while less well-known ones, on the contrary, try to lure customers with economical prices. Our hotel offers the “golden mean” – full comfort at an affordable price.