Banquet hall for a corporate event in Vinnitsa

Restaurant “Aristocrat” is ready to provide a banquet hall for any celebration. Do you or your boss have an anniversary soon, and the place where to celebrate the holiday has not been chosen yet? Or New Year is approaching, and all seats in familiar cafes have already been booked? We will help to cope with this problem – our restaurant has a luxurious banquet hall where you can hold a fiery working corporate party, birthday, anniversary and any other holiday. We will prepare a full-fledged reception for the anniversary of the organization , we will make a chic table for a significant celebration and will do everything to make you happy with your vacation!


We offer all kinds of events, according to which the table will be set. Depending on the reason people gather here, a number of options are provided:
  1. Buffet reception. A classic feast for a large company, which will be inexpensive, but will provide enough vivid impressions for the guests. All guests will use only one device for their meals, which is very convenient for those who do not like full-fledged formal dinners.
  2. Banquet-cocktail. Our corporate restaurant offers to organize a cocktail party with no cutlery at all. All dishes are sandwiches, cookies, canapes and other dishes that are usually eaten with your hands. A great option for a small celebration or business meeting.
  3. Buffet. If there is a large-scale event, for example, a company anniversary or a boss’s birthday, an appropriate table should be organized. Guests will be presented with all kinds of dishes that can be selected in any order, guided by personal preferences.
  4. Banquet tea. It can be official and unofficial, depending on the reason the guests are gathering. Appetizing desserts, pastries, sweets and other sweets are put on the table to accompany fragrant fresh tea.
  5. Coffee break. If you have a seminar or business meeting scheduled for a few hours, a short half-hour break will come in handy. For fresh strong coffee, we offer sandwiches, cookies, cakes and a number of other snacks.
In addition to the listed options, corporate restaurant “Aristocrat” in Vinnitsa offers visitors the organization of combined meetings : for example, cocktail buffet or tea-banquet with coffee. If you have a big party, we will arrange a chic corporate party , which will be remembered by the guests for a long time and will leave a lot of joyful impressions.
If you still don’t know where to hold a corporate party , feel free to choose our restaurant in Vinnitsa! In addition to delicious dishes and a rich menu, you will find professional waiters, organizers, chefs and other people who will make your event bright and memorable. In addition, the restaurant is located in a hotel building, so guests who come from another city or just those who are far from home will be able to stay here with an overnight stay, so as not to rush anywhere in the evening. To order a corporate party and rent a banquet hall, you need to call the numbers indicated on the website and book a suitable room. The main advantages of holding a corporate party in our restaurant:
  1. Affordable prices. The exact cost of the banquets will be suggested to you after the menu has been agreed and the banquet hall where the celebration is supposed to be held is selected.
  2. High level of service. All employees of our restaurant are well-mannered and polite specialists who will help resolve all issues related to the organization and conduct of the celebration.
  3. Convenient location. The restaurant is located in the very center of Vinnitsa, which allows you to easily get here by personal car or public transport from anywhere in the city.
  4. Hotel in Vinnitsa – guests can stay overnight in our hotel
If you want to have a great time at a corporate party in the company of colleagues and friends, order the hall right now – a bright celebration and memorable pastime in a restaurant in Vinnitsa guaranteed! The best corporate rest in Vinnitsa. Trust us and order a corporate party in Vinnitsa at the best prices, and we can organize the best holiday for your company!
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Ordering a banquet to the office inexpensively in Vinnitsa is possible at any day and time. The team of professionals of our hotel takes a responsible approach to this issue of holding and servicing off-site events anywhere in the city. Organization of a buffet reception in the Vinnitsa office will save time and effort, and will also leave pleasant memories and positive reviews among friends and colleagues. We guarantee service at the highest level, and price for services is quite affordable for everyone and depends on many factors, from purchasing products to taking into account all the details, down to the smallest detail. We offer to get rid of worries and get a charge of positive emotions for a long time!

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