Banquet hall for weddings in Vinnitsa

A wedding is the brightest, most memorable and important day for two people who decided to unite the knot. Naturally, such a celebration cannot but be noted, not captured in memory and in photographs. In order not to overshadow the holiday, it is important to take a responsible attitude to the choice of a photographer, salon and, of course, a restaurant. Our restaurant “ Aristocrat “ offers the organization of a luxurious wedding banquet in Vinnitsa for every taste and budget – ordering a hall from us, you will be amazed by the highest service, atmosphere and friendliness of the staff. Each wedding is unique for us, so the hall is decorated in a special style every time new newlyweds place an order for a banquet in honor of starting a family.


Regardless of whether a large-scale celebration or a modest wedding is planned, we will find an option that will suit everyone. If there are not many guests, we will offer a wedding reception in Vinnitsa – guests will be able to freely move around the hall, communicate with each other and enjoy light snacks that require only one device. This allows you to organize a European-style wedding, where there are no richly furnished tables, and the choice falls on all kinds of snacks and drinks. If the menu for a wedding banquet is chosen for a large number of guests, it is worth diversify the table: take care of the availability of first and second courses, as well as salads, snacks, drinks and other products. Our versatile wedding restaurant offers customers a number of benefits:
  1. Outstanding service. Polite friendly staff will take care of all the hassle associated with organizing the celebration and decorating the hall. They will also help you rent a room and advise which room is best for a certain number of guests.
  2. Favorable cost of services. A wedding is, without a doubt, a very expensive event. By contacting us with the organization of a banquet, you get the opportunity to save a little, since loyal prices remain available to a wide range of clients.
  3. A varied menu. Regardless of the taste preferences of the guests, the dishes set on the table will delight you with impeccable taste. Meat, fish, vegetable dishes, as well as all kinds of salads and snacks from professional chefs are prepared with love and have an amazing taste.
  4. Availability hotel in Vinnitsa . You can accommodate all guests, as well as newlyweds in our hotel for the night.
In addition, the restaurant is located in the hotel complex “Aristocrat”, which allows guests to stay at the desired time. According to tradition, the wedding should be played for at least 2-3 days, during which the invitees should think about overnight stay and accommodation. Cozy comfortable rooms of the hotel have been created for this very purpose – you can enjoy the holiday, dancing and snacks without leaving the hotel and restaurant complex.
It is very simple to rent a banquet hall for up to 50 people: all you have to do is call the numbers indicated on the website and place an order. Restaurant managers will tell you when there are free dates, as well as clarify all the details related to your celebration. We pay utmost attention to the orders of our clients, therefore each wedding is the best, unique and inimitable! The cost of the celebration directly depends on the number of people, the chosen menu, the style of the room decoration and other factors. In any case, the prices will pleasantly surprise customers.
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An off-site wedding reception in Vinnitsa is a great opportunity to spend the most memorable day of your life, like in a fairy tale. Our well-coordinated team of the Aristocrat hotel is engaged in holding and servicing off-site wedding banquets in Vinnitsa. Organization of an off-site wedding banquet, the price of which is the most optimal in the city, includes a full range of services, as well as the wishes and requests of the client … Guests will have only positive reviews, and the price will directly depend on the chosen menu and all the components of the holiday. Everything will be done on time and tastefully!
When choosing dishes for a bright holiday, you should definitely take into account the taste preferences of the invited guests and newlyweds. We are ready to offer a huge range of dishes, including cold and hot snacks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The assortment also includes making a wedding cake for the young. The menu is discussed in advance with the restaurant administrator, after which the client can make adjustments to it if desired (a few days before the event). Be sure to indicate the time of arrival of guests at the restaurant so that the chefs have time to prepare, arrange and serve treats for the guests. If the table is limited to a buffet table, it is advisable to make snacks as varied as possible – from meat and fish to vegetables and fruit. Various sweets such as expensive sweets, delicious cakes and cookies will give you a good mood and strength.
The staff of the restaurant will take on the troubles associated with organizational issues. Customers will only need to choose the style in which the wedding will take place in order to arrange the premises accordingly, as well as provide accurate information on the number of guests and the menu. It is possible to organize a combined feast, when, along with buffet snacks, hot drinks, pastries or side dishes will be present. To make the wedding bright, memorable and interesting – call “Aristocrat” and we will be happy to organize your celebration! Contact the restaurant for a wedding banquet Aristocrat!