Organization of coffee breaks at Vinnitsa restaurant

As part of various seminars, business meetings, trainings and other events, our restaurant organizes a half-hour break for participants – a coffee break . Having booked conference hall in Vinnitsa , in the hotel and restaurant complex “Aristocrat” for a long time, you simply cannot deny yourself a coffee break. For a 20-40 minute break, those who wish can satisfy their hunger with sandwiches, cookies and other products, as well as drink a cup of aromatic coffee, tea or a glass of mineral water. So, with that, what is a coffee break , we figured it out. What are its features?


In psychology, there is an amusing hypothesis that says that a person is able to easily memorize new information for an hour, after which it is necessary either to research a new topic, or (which is more preferable) to take a short break. That is why the decision to order a coffee break in our restaurant has a number of positive aspects:
  1. Event participants will be able to relax, “digest” the information received and have a snack with fresh products. From drinks on the table will be present: coffee, tea, juices, mineral water with and without gas.
  2. During the break, you can get to know some of those present, make new acquaintances.
  3. In simple in a light atmosphere, you can communicate with other people about the news received, exchange opinions and impressions, evaluate further probable opportunities and prospects after the meeting.
A light snack in a relaxed atmosphere allows you to take a fresh look at the subject of discussion, make some decision or just rest a little before the next stage of work.
Our Aristokrat restaurant in Vinnitsa invites clients to rent a room to enjoy a short break after a training, seminar or conference. If you are going for a long time – for example, for 7-8 hours, coffee break restaurant will organize in the amount of three or more. This will keep the participants working, in a good mood and cheerfulness throughout the meeting. The cost of renting a hall depends on the number of people and the characteristics of the table – sometimes not only cookies and sandwiches are put on the buffet table, but also unusual snacks that are intended for guests. In any case, the price will be acceptable to most customers. There is nothing better than having a rest and a snack after hard work or attentive listening to new information – call the phone numbers listed on the website right now and we will organize an excellent coffee break especially for your event!