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Conference hall Vinnitsa

Dear visitors! The hotel and restaurant complex “Aristocrat” is ready to provide you with conference room services in Vinnitsa . The conference hall is located in a historical place, on the territory of the museum of the outstanding Ukrainian writer M. Kotsyubinsky, 10 meters from our complex. Conference service – equipped with everything you need for presentations, meetings, trainings and conferences. The conference room is designed for 40-50 people. Coffee breaks and organize lunch, dinner in our Aristocrat restaurant. All questions of interest can be asked by phone (068) 2570005 (093) 2570005 from 11.00 to 20.00


Despite the fact that Vinnitsa is a large developed city, it is rather difficult to find the most comfortable and equipped conference hall with everything you need. First of all, this is due to the individual requirements of customers for equipment: someone needs a comfortable chalk board, while someone needs a modern projector room, as well as the presence of modern speakers, amplifiers and other equipment. We offer visitors spacious and fully equipped conference room for rent in Vinnitsa at a bargain price. The staff of our complex will be happy to advise clients on how best to arrange the equipment, help you choose the best day of the week, and provide you with rent for a period that is convenient for you. The advantages of the decision to rent a conference room in Vinnitsa are very significant:
  1. Affordable prices. Despite the high competition, we leave the most favorable rental price for all clients. You can rent a large conference hall in Vinnitsa for a couple of hours or a few days, and at the same time know that such a solution will not hit your pocket.
  2. Availability of modern equipment. We have everything you need to comfortably conduct a seminar or other event. In addition, the premises of the hall, our conference service, are equipped with comfortable office chairs and tables for maximum comfort of visitors.
  3. High service. The experienced staff of our institution will be happy to advise you on how to use the equipment correctly, help you set it up and give you a short briefing on further operation. At the same time, the price for the conference room remains favorable and affordable.
  4. The possibility of booking. If you are traveling from another city or have a busy schedule, scheduled by the minute, this is not a problem either. Now you can pre-book a conference room in Vinnitsa for a specific time or date.
We provide a profitable rental and do everything to ensure that visitors come back to seminars, business meetings and events again and again. You will feel comfortable in our hall, nothing will distract the audience from learning or work.
От правильного выбора конференц-зала в Виннице для деловых встреч и проведения различных событий напрямую зависит успех совещания, а также комфорт собравшихся людей. Выбрав наш конференц-зал в Виннице «Аристократ», клиент избавит себя от множества хлопот и дополнительных организационных проблем. Наш отельно-ресторанный комплекс предоставляет все услуги для проведения различных мероприятий: вкусное и качественное питание, комфортные номера для проживания и, конечно, просторный зал для проведения конференций любого уровня, включая международные дипломатические совещания. Конференц-зал в гостинице «Аристократ» оснащен специальным оборудованием и проекторами, поэтому клиентам не придется беспокоиться о его установке и эксплуатации. Кроме того, в помещении есть современная мебель – комфортные офисные столы и стулья располагают к решению важных проблем. Желающим арендовать конференц-зал лучше позаботиться об этом заранее, поскольку помещение обычно бронируется за две-три недели до предполагаемой даты совещания. Прибывая на место раньше, вы сможете остановиться в нашей гостинице и отдохнуть с дороги. В комплексе «Аристократ» в Виннице есть все: ресторан, отель, просторный зал семинаров и конференций, а также парковка для автомобилей. Присутствует зал для проведения семинаров и зал для лекций
The conference hall is located in the center of the city, so it will not be difficult to reach it: there is a good transport interchange, bus and trolleybus stops nearby, and a car parking is provided on the territory of the complex. Arriving at the hotel, each visitor will be able to appreciate the highest service, relax in a comfortable room and eat in an elite restaurant. Conference halls of “Aristocrat” are designed for various events: from serious negotiations and meetings to master classes and coffee breaks. Modern equipment installed in the premises makes it possible to carry out these events at the highest level. Clients are provided with:
  1. Projector. Many clients prefer only a conference room with a projector in Vinnitsa, especially when seminars are held and visual material is needed.
  2. Microphones. If a large number of people gather in the room, the announcer may simply not be heard. Therefore, we suggest using voice amplifiers – modern microphones.
  3. Wi-Fi network. Works throughout the hotel. Free stable Internet will contribute to productive work and quiet leisure.
  4. Loudspeakers and other sound equipment. Modern equipment has a clear sound and allows you to get the most effective soundtrack.
  5. Flipchart. A large easel with thick white paper and bright markers will allow you to clearly show the main thoughts of the participants, the course of the interview – it is also convenient to make calculations and comparison tables on it.
In addition, visitors are invited to use the dressing room – very convenient if the meeting is held during a cool season. During each meeting, training or seminar, we monitor the event and provide additional services. It is possible to rent a conference room by the hour at an inexpensive price – we offer our clients to choose the most optimal rental option in time. If you do not have time to complete the event, the lease can be extended.
Our hotel and restaurant complex offers an advantageous rental of a conference room for several days or hours. The room can accommodate 40-50 people, the hotel is located in the very center of the city. Here you can hold seminars, meetings and presentations, and the staff of the complex will be happy to provide everything you need for a comfortable pastime. Additional advantages of holding business meetings in “Arisktokrat” are the following:
  1. The ability to accommodate visitors in comfortable hotel rooms with maximum amenities – the cozy rooms have minibars, bathroom and toilet, modern cozy furniture. < / li>
  2. There is an elite restaurant at the guests’ service, where they serve the best dishes of Ukrainian and European cuisine. The institution almost always plays light music.
  3. Calm atmosphere in the complex and on the territory, fresh air, convenient location of the hotel.
In addition, guests will be offered buffets, coffee -pauses and other little things that will delight visitors.
Renting a conference room in Vinnitsa is a profitable solution that will help you find answers to questions of concern to a certain group of people. Diplomatic negotiations, seminars, presentations, master classes, round tables and other business events require a certain setting and cannot be held anywhere. You can rent a high-quality conference hall with modern equipment in our hotel and restaurant complex “Arisktocrat” at competitive prices. The cost of the conference room is 400 hryvnia per hour, for up to 50 people. It is possible to order additional services. In any case, renting a hall is profitable and convenient. Call us and our managers will be happy to advise you on all issues.